A.Al Khalifa & Partners Account & Auditing

In-Country Value (ICV) program

Qatar Energy (Former Qatar Petroleum) has announced the implementation of the In-Country Value Policy in the Energy Sector through “Tawteen”, the localization program for services and industries in Qatar’s energy sector.

The ICV Policy will promote the strategic localization of supply chains, as the tendering and awarding process, where suppliers and contractors who are contributing the most to the local economy will acquire a commercial advantage.

ICV certification

Businesses must now complete an ICV Certification as part of their partnership with TAWTEEN, which will form part of the tendering and awarding process in the energy sector in Qatar. ICV certification is a process to certify supplier or contractor ICV score by independent pre-approved ICV certifiers. Abdul Aziz Al Khalifa & Partners for Accounting & Auditing has been appointed as one of these independent certifiers and can support suppliers with certification of their ICV score.

Calculating the ICV score

ICV scores are calculated by assessing the economic value added within Qatar for the goods or services offered by the company, according to a pre-defined methodology. The following areas are taken into consideration:

  • Spend on local goods and materials
  • Spend on local services & white collar workforce salaries
  • Cost of training offered
  • Cost of supplier training and certification programs
  • Depreciation of Company assets in Qatar


ICV Plan