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Advisory Services

Restructuring & Turnaround

Al Safi assists your company’s management in stabilizing finance and operations to restore the company’s viability, profitability, and credibility. Our team develops and executes restructuring plans and advise on every aspect of the process, from strategic direction to liquidity management to business plan development. Our restructuring and turnaround teams provide advice to the primary stakeholders of stressed and distressed businesses in order to help facilitate the turnaround of the performance of our clients’ business through stabilizing and implementing a process for sustainable strategic, operational, and financial change.

Our Work Includes

Support in turnaround negotiations & coordination of stakeholder groups.

Operational restructuring, cost optimization and cost reduction strategies

Develop (or) review cost reduction initiatives and execution of milestones

Development of the business plan and restructuring concept

Evaluate revenue
enhancement opportunities

Cash and working
capital management

Facilitate communication processes

Exit planning and implementation

Liquidity plan and management

Financial reports for projects

Feasibility study for projects

Allocation of resources

Process improvement

Risk management



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Business Valuation

Market Research & Feasibility Study

Being a trusted market research company in Qatar, the studies that we prepare are made with full transparency and shows actual expected outcomes following the market research and financial outcomes. Our accountants perform market surveys with potential customers of the intended product or service as part of the market demand assessment and analysis to reach a realistic market size with the expected growth in the following years.

When developing feasibility study in Doha or market researches, we provide numerous value-added information and recommendations that pertain to client’s business development and work plans during implementation.

At Al Safi, we:

  • Work closely with you to identify the key problem areas of your business
  • Use high-level diagnostic tools to review your overall strategic position and performance
  • Assess the ability of companies to achieve their end objectives
  • Assist clients in carrying out implementation plans and improving enterprise capabilities with customized consulting services
  • Provide recommendations on reducing the impact of undesirable performance or avoiding undesirable states
  • Assess the ability of managers to plan, execute and monitor resources efficiently to achieve profitability
  • Offer optimal operational and financial solutions to increase profits through our consultants’ in-depth industry knowledge
  • Review financial statements and analyse business profit or loss and diagnose factors that influence them

Business Diagnosis

As financial consultants, our role is to assess the performance of various SME’s and determine reasons for underperformance. With years of experience in all areas of business management, the consultants at Al Safi provide professional service and provide recommendations that help sustain operations. Diagnosis is through various methods such as document review analysis, data collection methods, in depth interviews with internal and external personnel to arrive at satisfactory results.

Enterprises Strategy Design

Strategy formulation is a very complex task with which many companies struggle. Given our years of experience and in-depth knowledge our market research companies in Qatar assist companies every step of the way with the help of advanced set of business tools and tips.

At Al Safi, our roles will be to:

  • Evaluate current strategies of a company and conduct an assessment of their success
  • Assist clients by identifying their target segment before strategy formulation
  • Assist companies on formulating marketing and production objectives
  • Assessing the accuracy of the strategy statement put forth by a company
  • Assist managers with planning, execution and monitoring of their resources to achieve the desired end objectives
  • Perform strategy verification by taking into account various factors
  • Perform an overall assessment of the company operations and use of strategic business tools to formulate a business strategy in line with their end objective
  • Ensure that management has performed all critical tasks necessary to their end objectives
  • Assist management by clearly defining business ideas and target segment
  • Provide managers with tools and tips necessary to formulate and assess their own strategies

Al Safi’s policies and procedures services help to achieve organization’s goals in two different services. First, by developing, designing and writing policies and procedures customized specifically for the organization. In this service, Al Safi accountants in Qatar ensure that practice for work processes are consistent, it will serve as a training tool and guidelines for employees, it incorporates the best practice from the organization and helps improve the current processes.

Secondly, Policies and procedures are not set in stone and should be consistently reviewed for its effectiveness and to ensure that what is being done in practice is adding value. Al Safi will help to review and update existing policies and procedures. Through our service, consultants can determine if policies and procedures are effective, efficient and updated as the changes needed.

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