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Liquidation & Insolvency Services

Liquidation Services

Al Safi team helps you with the following referring to Commercial Company Law No. 11 of 2015 in Qatar, especially articles 304 to 321 (295, to 312 in the previous commercial company law), with no limitation of the following:

  • Sending the notice of the liquidator’s appointment to the registrar (company control section).
  • Announce the liquidation in two local newspapers as required by the said law
  • Cessation of board's power upon approval from ministry of economy and commerce.
  • Collect all the assets and pay all the creditors including the cease of employees’ contracts and pay their end of services.
  • Cancel the computer card within the immigration department.
  • Process tax clearance with ministry of finance.
  • Cancel the company record with the labour department
  • Delete the enrolment of the company

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Al Safi has dedicated Licensed Insolvency Practitioners in Qatar specializing in all aspects of insolvency covering corporate and individual levels. This service includes providing advises for financial survival. The firm’s team consist of professionals who are specialized in all aspects of insolvency. We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly identify problems that should be addressed and to give clear, concise and pragmatic advises.



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